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Hi everyone! I think the most important thing to share with you is that I sincerely and deeply enjoy my career. I really LOVE what I do, The moment I'm with buyers and I see them look at each other and smile.....then "This is the one, is this the one?" literally gives me the best feeling in the world. I have lived in Southern MD my entire life. I started in P.G County, then to Charles, now I'm in Calvert. I love my town, I love the community feel of going down to North Beach and everyone saying "hello" and mingling. I enjoy "knowing" everyone here. I can honestly say I work 100% on referrals. My name and reputation are everything to me. My business grows year after year and it couldn't do that with out the best clients in all of good ole' Southern MD! Many of my past clients have become present friends. I take a lot of pride in that. I'm here for them as a friend from the beginning. No matter the obstacle, I will stick it out until we overcome it. Buying, Selling or renting a home can be stressful. I do my best to make it a fun, personal and fulfilling experience instead!

Huntingtown, MD
North Beach
North Beach, MD
Chesapeake Beach
Chesapeake Beach, MD
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